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Mandevile School is the biggest school in the Mandeville District, UK. With over 3,120 students, the school has its own curriculum and the best qualified teachers. Our school has been established in 1942 by the duke of Mandeville. The school essentially was made to be a primary school service the local residents. However, within three years, the school decided to expand its campus to include a nursery and a secondary school. Right now, the school has one of the highest GCE A-Level / GCSE (aka IGCSE) grade average, with about 74% pass rate annually. This can be directly attributed to the quality of education being offered at the school.

The school features a state of the art campus with 228 class room, 12 science and ICT labs as well as a gymnastics centre. All the more, the school offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities from dance classes, to sports competitions. The school believes that the learning experience does not only take place in classes and labs but the school life on the whole.

Graduate students are enjoy high reputation and significant acceptance rates at the universities. During 2014, there were around 431 senior students who secured offers from prominent universities. The school is planning to expand and include a sixth form for students to study an extra year to ensure that they can have a plenty of time to score the grades they aim at.

Kindly be informed that the school chooses the best examination boards for the examinations, most importantly Edexcel, WJEC and OCR.

Whether you are a parent, student or a prospective we would like to welcome you to our website. Got Questions? Any Enquiries? Email us on enquire@mandeville.org.uk

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